Clogged bathtub drain

Homes in Victoria and across Vancouver Island are full of different plumbing fixtures and systems. Your drains are used to remove waste and contaminants from your bathroom and kitchens. However, when you own a home there will come a time when your drains aren’t working like they should, and if you know how to identify common drain problems you will know when you are in need of expert plumbing service.

In no particular order, here are the five most common reasons you will find yourself with drain clogs and problems. Unless you have previous plumbing experience and know how, you should always call in the professionals if the simple fixes and tricks below don’t work.

Kitchen Sink Problems

Kitchen sinks are notorious for plumbing issues that often arise due to oil, fat and debris accumulation in the pipes below the sink. Cleaning with hot soapy water won’t fix the problem as the oil will become solid and stick to the sides of the pipe as it drains down the pipes. Once the oil is there is will collect food debris as it goes down the drains. If left unchecked, this results in slow draining or clogged drains. Liquid drain cleaners may temporarily fix the problem, however these chemicals should be handled with care as they are quite toxic. You can also try and disassemble your pipes once you have turned off the main water valve. Once this is done you can clean out the grease by hand, soak the pipes in cleaners and then reinstall everything hoping there are no leaks. Once you have reached the point where you are taking things apart it is quicker and less stress to simply call us!

Bathroom Sink Clogs

Clogged and slow draining water in bathrooms is usually caused by hair that has gone down the drain. This causes your sinks to take longer to drain, or you notice yourself standing in a puddle of water when you are having your morning shower. Hair that goes down the drain will wind itself around imperfections in the pipes and once that happens shampoo, dirt, soap and oils from your body will start sticking to the hair creating an even bigger clog. You can try one of the in-home snakes you can buy at Canadian Tire, however improper use can cause even more damage should the snake become tangled in your bathroom pipes.

Frozen Pipes

If you don’t take precautions and winterize before the temperatures drop in the fall you can sometimes find yourself with frozen pipes. A frozen pipe won’t burst right away, the water will pool and slowly turn to ice and as more water follows, the pressure will continue to increase. You should never try and thaw a frozen pipe yourself, or try to unclog by putting hot water down the drain as this can increase the pressure to the point where your lines burst. If you find your pipes have frozen, call a professional immediately.

What Next?

If you have tried troubleshooting the problem yourself and realize your drains are indeed clogged, the next thing you should do is call knowledgeable and skilled plumbers and have your pipes cleaned professionally. The experts at CityWide Plumbing & Heating offer same day service and will identify what has caused the problem and fix the problems using the best methods available so your drains will be back working in no time at all.