Gas boiler pipes

So you have heard about boilers and are wondering if you should consider installing one in your home on Vancouver Island? Did you know that a boilers will dramatically lower your heating bill while significantly improving the air quality inside your home?

Here are some things you may not know that will really make you want to give us a call for a boiler upgrade quote.

Water doesn’t need to be boiling

Water inside radiant heating pipes is heated to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit which provides a nice even warmth to every part of your home. Boilers can be programmed to reach water’s boiling point (140 degrees F), however this is unnecessary, and would require tremendous amounts of natural gas to get done. This would also cost you a lot more money using all that gas and your home would be unbearably hot.

Heat at the flick of a switch

Turning your boiler on can be accomplished at the flick of a switch. When the boiler is turned on it heats water is then circulated throughout the house, traveling through pipes located beneath floors or inside walls. As the water cools down naturally, it returns back down to the boiler to start the process all over again. Because the water used is continually being recycled this is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways you can heat your home.

High water pressure is needed

Boilers, being water-based heating systems, require high water pressure to function properly. In order for the higher levels of your home to be heated, the pipes have to have heated water moving through them. If the water pressure in your system is low, the pipes will be empty and filled with vapour causing the entire boiler system to stall.

Boilers provide dry heat

Unlike older pipes and radiator systems which used to add some steam to the air, boiler systems will not change the humidity inside your home. Modern boiler systems achieve this feat because they are completely self-contained without flues or exhaust vents.

Lower your heating costs by up to 90%

Even after you consider the upfront costs of installing a boiler system and switching from oil or electric heating to natural gas, the long-term savings easily makes the investment worthwhile.

Boilers are a green choice

Modern boiler systems are a sealed and self-contained heating system with no way to emit fumes and carbon monoxide. This means you wont be smelling the odours or inhaling the particulates that were often associated with older boiler systems. Condenser boilers also quality as green appliances as they are so energy efficient.

If you think a boiler system might be for you, or if you want to lower your heating bill while increasing your air quality, give one of our specialists a call today.